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Microphone Accessories

Studio Condenser Microphones

Vocal Microphones


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AKG CM311-AESH Headworn Condenser Microphone w/ TA4F


AKG WMS40MINI Instrumental Set US25A Plug & Play Wireless Mic System

$124.99 $149.05

C01 Studio Condenser Microphone


Fender Professional Series Microphone Cable 25' Black

$34.99 $44.99

Nady Systems Inc Encore Duet Dual VHF Receiver with Two Transmitters

$129.99 $169.99

On-Stage AS420 Dynamic Handheld Microphone w/ 20' XLR Cable, Leather Bag and Mic Clip


On-Stage AS800 FET Condenser Microphone


On-Stage ASFSS6-GB Dual Screen Pop Blocker

$26.99 $49.99

On-Stage ASVS6-B Pop Blocker


On-Stage BC1000 Bluetooth Receiver


On-Stage DJM618 Gooseneck Mic Black


On-Stage Dynamic Handheld Microphone AS400


On-Stage MY410CG Studio Microphone Shock Mount


Samson Audio C02 Pencil Condenser Microphone

$139.99 $174.99

Samson CL8a Condenser Microphone


Samson CONCERT 88X Presentation Lavalier with LM5 Microphone


Samson Q7x Microphone


Samson Stage 200 Dual Vocal Wireless System B

$139.99 $194.99

Seinheiser Evolution 901 eSeries Bass


Sennheiser e 845 Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Microphone

$78.75 $119.99

Shure Beta 87A Supercardioid Handheld Condenser Microphone


Shure PGA48 Dynamic Vocal Mic XLR-QTR


Shure PGA58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone


Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Studio Vocal Microphone Includes Standard And Close-...


Warm Audio WA-47jr FET Condenser Microphone Most Coveted Affordable '47 Style Transformerless Microphone

$319.99 $349.99

Yeti Blackout Studio All-in-One Professional Recording System for Vocals